Sustainability Charter

We will work with our partners and stakeholders to deliver the most sustainable Rugby League World Cup to date

Sustainability and the Rugby League World Cup 2021

In embracing our responsibility, RLWC2021 has had to face up to certain realities:

  • International sporting tournaments, by their nature, have an environmental impact, and RLWC2021 is no different: teams will be flying in from around the world to compete in England and the tournament will have high energy demands.
  • RLWC2021 has been established for the specific purpose of running the tournament and cannot set long-term organisational sustainability goals as it will cease to exist early in 2022.
  • Unlike some sporting bodies, RLWC2021 does not own its competition facilities, and therefore as a short-term tenant can only influence the decision-making at competition venues.
  • RLWC2021 has to be financially viable, and while this is not incompatible with sustainability per se, it requires careful stewardship to balance viability, proportionality and sustainability.

 However, RLWC2021 fully accepts its responsibility to be sustainable and will work positively with its partners – many of whom share similar sustainability aims. RLWC2021 continues to examine all business areas, and seeks to identify key areas of impact, control and influence, as well as further developing partnerships that can achieve greater sustainability goals.

RLWC2021 will be realistic and humble – not overpromising or overstating sustainability outcomes – but it will remain positive and determined to have a credible sustainability impact. In particular, it will seek to leave a blueprint for future iterations of the Rugby League World Cup, and for other major UK sporting tournaments, through comprehensive knowledge transfer at its conclusion.

Why produce a Sustainability Charter?

As a tournament, RLWC2021 has values that include being Bold and Brave and being Authentic. By setting out a clear charter of sustainability goals, RLWC2021 shows its boldness and bravery: it is not afraid to be ambitious, has the authenticity to be clear and direct about the goals, and is willing to be judged for its achievements against the charter.

Click the image below to view or download the full RLWC2021 Sustainability Charter. Alternatively you can click here.

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