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The CreatedBy RLWC2021 Capital Grants Programme opened for applications on 23 October 2018 with the aim of investing in projects that offer opportunities for people from all different backgrounds to be active in rugby league. 

Delivered by RLWC2021 in partnership with the sport’s national governing body, the Rugby Football League, Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, the CreatedBy programme is a funding pot of up to £10million made available by the government to support growth in participation in the sport. 

RLWC2021 is proud and excited to deliver the CreatedBy grants.

Large-Scale GrantsAwarded: £787,613; Total Project Costs£2,595,461 
54 Small-Scale Grants; Awarded £305,710; Total Project Costs£431,147

Awarded: The amount of funding provided by CreatedBy RLWC2021 Capital Grants programme.
Total Project Costs: The cost of the overall projects with other organisations providing partnership funding.

Types of Projects Awarded

Clubhouses 7; Changing Rooms 5; Gyms 2; Kitchens 2; Boilers 1; Wheelchairs 2

Lawnmowers 5; Goalposts 8; Kit / Equipment 30; Digital Solutions 2

Large Scale Grants

Chorley Panthers RLFC awarded £90,000 towards their new clubhouse development project to replace their old prefabricated facility to create a more welcoming environment and provide wider usage for its members and the community. 

King Cross Park RLFC from Calderdale secured £40,750 towards the upgrade and improvement of their clubhouse to provide social and support services to its members and the local community. 

OSCA Foundation Ltd on behalf of Ovenden ARLFC from Calderdale secured £55,000 to demolish and rebuild their multi-sport clubhouse to provide a hub for the community in the North Halifax area. 

Salford Borough Council on behalf of Salford City Roosters ARLFC have been awarded £377,863 towards their project to rebuild their clubhouse and secure their future of providing rugby league to the community for many years to come

Shevington Sharks ARLFC from Wigan were successful in securing £224,000 towards the development of a sporting provision for the local community which currently doesn’t exist in the area.

Awarded Small-Scale Grants

Want to find out more?

Find out more about the CreatedBy RLWC2021 Capital Grants Programme and how to apply at www.rlwc2021.com/facilities.