Volunteering: Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteering to be part of The Power Squad at RLWC2021

How do I become a volunteer?

You can apply to become part of the RLWC2021 volunteer team, The Power Squad, by applying via our online volunteer portal. Applications open from Thursday 25th February 2021 and will close Friday 23rd April 2021.

What are the minimum requirements for becoming a volunteer?

In order to be a member of The Power Squad you must:

  • Be 18 years old or above on the 1st September 2021;
  • Be able to speak and read English or BSL;
  • Be eligible to volunteer in the UK;
  • Agree to The Power Squad Code of Conduct and pass relevant security and background checks;
  • Complete and attend all required training.

Do you need previous volunteering experience to be able to apply?

No experience of volunteering is required to volunteer at RLWC2021. Full training will be given to all volunteers before the tournament begins.

Can I apply as a group, or to volunteer with family or friends?

All applications will be accepted on an individual basis and considered based on the skills, experience and preferences of each individual applicant. We can’t specify yet which role you’ll be asked to perform, the location or who you’ll be volunteering with, but we can guarantee that you will make lots of new friends and unique memories on the journey. However, please don’t let that stop you from getting as many friends and family involved and applying alongside you.

How much volunteering time will I need to give?

Preference will be given to applicants who can volunteer on a minimum of 3 matchdays (excluding Coventry and Tees Valley). However if you're unable to meet this requirement you can still apply, just tell us why within your application.

I have an accessibility need can I still apply to be a volunteer?

Yes. There is a question on the application form where you can tell us about any accessibility or support needs you may have.

Volunteer roles

What roles are you recruiting for?

We are recruiting for volunteer roles in the following areas. Some of our roles will be customer facing and others will have an equally important role to play behind the scenes, when applying think about the areas that would suit your personality and skills best.

  • Digital and Media - including volunteers that will assist the accredited media and RLWC2021's digital content team.
  • Event Operations - providing support behind the scenes, playing a crucial role in the successful staging of RLWC2021.
  • Hospitality & Guest Services - welcoming and supporting all of our guests throughout their matchday experience.
  • Spectator Services - engaging with all of our spectators ensuring they have a great day out.
  • Non-matchday roles - including fleet drivers, RLWC2021 HQ (Manchester), RLWC2021 logistics (Manchester) and at training venues across the host towns and cities.

Can I apply and volunteer for more than one role?

You will be able to specify up to 3 areas you are interested in volunteering in as part of the application process.

Will all roles be based in a venue?

No. Some of the roles are based outside of the venues where matches will take place, or at other venues across the host locations.

Application and selection process

What is the timeline for volunteer recruitment?

The Power Squad Volunteer Journey

How long will it take to complete my online application?

Your online application should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

I am unable to complete my application online. Can I submit my application by post?

Please contact us at volunteers@rlwc2021.com if you cannot complete the online application process and we will help you.

When will I hear from you once I have submitted my application?

The closing date for applications is Friday 23rd April, we will be in touch after that to update you on the next steps.

How will volunteers and roles be selected?

We carefully compare the information given at application stage to match the available volunteer positions with the applicant’s preferences (volunteer role, location, availability etc.) taken into consideration. We expect to receive a significant number of applications, so no guarantees can be made as to the role or venue that you will be offered and we unfortunately cannot provide feedback on applications.

I've already booked tickets to the tournament. If my application is successful what happens if the match(es) clashes with my shift(s)?

We will work with individuals who find themselves in this situation.

If I'm unsuccessful can I volunteer in other ways?

We will endeavour to share alternative volunteering opportunities with any unsuccessful applicants either in the sport or your local area.

My availability has changed since I submitted my application, how do I resubmit my availability?

If your availability changes before applications close on 23rd April 2021 you can update your details via the 'My Application' section with the volunteer portal.

Volunteer benefits

What do I get for volunteering?

There are a number of benefits to volunteering with us, some of these include being able to meet new friends, being part of the biggest and best Rugby League World Cup and creating a lifetime of memories and experiences. We will also provide training, uniform and our thanks in a variety of other ways.

Will I be paid travel expenses?

No. Unfortunately we are not able to provide expenses.

Will I be able to watch the matches?

Yes. At a break time in your shift, if working inside a venue, you will have an opportunity to watch.

Will accommodation be provided to volunteers?

No. Unfortunately we are not able to provide accommodation for volunteers.

Will food and drink be provided to volunteers?

Yes. Food and drink will be provided.

Volunteer training

What training will be provided to volunteers?

All volunteers will be provided with a full training programme to help them carry out their roles at tournament time.

When will volunteer training take place?

Volunteering training will take place between August and October 2021.

Will I need to attend training in person?

The training programme will largely be delivered online in various formats however, we hope to meet you in person before the tournament when you collect your uniform and accreditation.

Volunteer application portal

I can't access/I'm having difficulty accessing the volunteer portal

If you are struggling to access the volunteer portal please contact volunteers@rlwc2021.com.

I've forgotten my password for the volunteer portal

If you have forgotten your password for the volunteer portal you can reset it by entering your username and clicking the 'Reset Password' button. If you are unable to reset your password please contact volunteers@rlwc2021.com.

Can you complete application on a mobile or tablet?

Yes, you are able to complete your application using a computer or mobile device. If you have any issues accessing the volunteer portal on your device please contact volunteers@rlwc2021.com.

Can I start my application and return to it later?

Yes, you can start your application and return to it later. Remember to select 'Submit' to save/update any changes you make.

My personal details have changed. How can I update them?

If your details change you can update them by logging into the volunteer portal and selecting 'My Details'. Here you will be able to update your personal information. Remember to click on the 'Submit' button in order to save any changes.


Due to covid-19 will the tournament go ahead this year?

We remain positive and optimistic the tournament will go ahead as planned but we are realistic about the challenges and are reviewing the scenarios on a regular basis with government partners.

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