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With so much uncertainty right now, we understand that some fans may feel nervous about purchasing tickets for sporting events. That’s why ahead of RLWC2021 tickets going on sale in September 2020, we’re introducing new measures to help you buy with confidence.

1.     Ticket Refund Guarantee 

Should an RLWC2021 match be cancelled for any reason, any fan who has purchased tickets for such cancelled game will receive a refund (subject to the applicable terms and conditions). As an added layer of protection, the UK government has underwritten all refund repayments guaranteeing fans will receive their money back.  

2.    Early access to tickets at promotional rates

Ahead of the ticket ballot in October 2020, a limited number of tickets will go on sale to loyal fans of RLWC2021 and the Rugby League community.

Priority access will be given to key groups between 21 September and 13 October 2020 where tickets will be sold at 2020 promotional rates (Prices will increase in 2021).

To receive priority access, you first need to be on the RLWC2021 mailing list.

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3.    Spread out ticket payments

Rather than paying for all your tickets in one go, we’ve teamed up with Klarna to offer fans the option of paying for tickets in monthly instalments or delaying full payment up to 30 days after making a booking.

More information on how to pay via Klarna will be announced soon.

4.    Only buy from the official channel - RLWC2021.com

It’s now more important than ever to buy tickets from the official ticket sales channel as ticket updates and refunds will only be provided to official ticket purchasers.

Tickets purchased through other means could be cancelled so please don’t risk it!

For more details on RLWC2021 tickets including prices and when you can secure yours, click here.

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