Squad Trips FAQs

What is Squad Trips?

Squad Trips is an official digital platform provided by Rugby League World Cup 2021, giving fans the opportunity to book official tickets, accommodation and activities in one place.

What locations will Squad Trips be available for?

Squad Trips will launch with the initial bookable locations being Newcastle and Manchester, with more host towns and cities to be added following the launch.

Will accommodation and activity options be updated?

Yes, more Suppliers will be added to Squad Trips, to ensure that a range of options and live availability is provided to fans.

Can I just buy match tickets via Squad Trips?

If purchasing match tickets on ‘Squad Trips’ you will need to purchase at least one accommodation or activity to checkout.

If you’re not purchasing match tickets, you can purchase as much accommodation and activities as you wish.

Will there be reduced match ticket prices for children/concessions?

Yes, children’s tickets are available along with tickets for full time students with a valid ID.

How many match tickets can I purchase?

Official match tickets are restricted to a maximum of 10 tickets per match, with the exception of the Women’s and Men’s Final at Old Trafford which is a maximum of 6 tickets.

Are there any applicable fees to official match tickets?

A £4 processing fee and delivery charges apply, which will be added and shown to you at checkout.

Can I choose my seat?

You are able to select the category of match ticket you wish to purchase on Squad Trips. Please view the stadium maps to show where the category options are located. Seats will be automatically assigned by best-available seats in the respective category applied for.

Who will be in contact with me after I book?

You will receive a confirmation email after your purchase. Each supplier will then contact you directly with further details on your purchases.

When will I receive receive match tickets?

Ticket holders will receive their tickets timely prior to the tournament. Further information will be communicated at www.RLWC2021.com/tickets.

Are there any regulations I need to be aware of?

Yes, official match ticket holders must accept the Ticket Sales Regulations, Venue Regulations and General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Tickets. All can be viewed here

What if the tournament is postponed or cancelled?

RLWC2021 guarantees you a full refund in the event of event postponement or cancellation (as per our terms and conditions).

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