Rick JURKIEWICZ - Ticketing Lead

Rick, what attracted to you working for RLWC2021?
I’ve worked in ticketing for over 20 years on the biggest tours and events the UK has had to offer. I’ve sought out the most interesting and unique opportunities in event ticketing and throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to be presented with those openings. So, why RLWC2021? A couple of reasons - It promises to be ground breaking in how tournament ticketing will be presented in the future. The entire team, genuinely are committed to the cause – they are driven to succeed in presenting the biggest tournament in the history of Rugby League, positively impacting the sport both for players and fans of today and for generations to come with the RLWC2021 legacy programme. Being a part of this winning team is extremely attractive; it’s a place where every member of the team sees their best get better – I want that!
What is your favourite sporting memory?
Winning a bronze medal at the 2014 4-Man Bobsleigh British Championships in Igls near Innsbruck Austria. Shortly after finishing working with the team on RLWC2013, I headed out to Austria with my brother in law, his cousin and uncle having agreed at a wedding in early 2013 that we should try it out. Two of the team were experienced novices, and two of us had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We had two practice runs, two qualifying runs, and two races – I don’t think I’ve ever been battered and bruised as much as I did in that sled. The fact that we won a medal was utterly unbelievable – my only recollection of the 6 runs was mostly of my gritting my teeth, getting thrown left and right without warning and shoving my head between my knees so it stopped smashing against the side of the sled hoping I don’t fall out.


If you weren’t a Ticketing Lead, what would you be?
If it were time to stop ticketing and I had the benefit of financial freedom there are a few things I’d like to do – how I would fit them all in would be a full time job so I’m saving them all for my retirement in 25 years:

  • Singer and guitarist - First and foremost, I would look to book 100 gigs in 100 days up and down the country and get out on the road with my wife. I’ve performed for over 40 years focussing on singing for the past 30.
  • Photo, video content creator and editor – something I can enjoy in my very limited spare time in between work and being a dad. Currently focussing on understanding how to create and present 360 video
  • Wood carving and leather worker – increasingly I’m finding creating items by hand with tactile materials using traditional tools provides a sense of satisfaction that is different to what I get in the work place or in the home – I think it’s the act of creating something, regardless of how simple it is, provides a deep sense of satisfaction – the kind that if an apocalypse happens, I’ll have the ability to support and provide for my family in whatever environment we find ourselves.


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