Rugby League is a way of life for communities across the North of England. It has rare access to hard-to-reach groups in some of the most deprived areas. Hosting the RLWC2021 will give the sport an even more powerful platform from which to connect with these people and improve their economic and social wellbeing. RLWC2021 will amplify these programmes for host partners that will see a long lasting legacy developed for the sport through the InspirationALL programme.



During RLWC2021, citizens in our host locations will have the opportunity to get involved in the tournament in a unique and exciting way.

Our targeted recruitment efforts will encourage everyone taking part to continue helping community clubs once the tournament ends. 

More information on the RLWC2021 volunteer program will be provided in due course. 

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Helping our communities become active

Inspiring new volunteers into our game

Improving our volunteers experiences, making it enjoyable and meaningful

Retaining and rewarding our volunteers

Developing skills for our volunteers

Grants are available through an application process.

Small Scale requests of up to £15,000 are available for the provision of capital items, kit and equipment or to refurbish/improve existing facilities.

Large Scale requests of £15,000 plus is available for Changing rooms, Club Houses and Pitch improvement works.

Making larger clubs bigger & better

Develop large clubs by investing into single hub sites - Investment in shared multi-sport facility hub sites

Investing in clubs

Investment in clubhouses to generate revenue and become self-sustaining. Help clubs obtain security of tenure laying the platform for accessing grants.

Driving participation

Develop artificial grass pitches (rugby league specific). Investment in maintenance equipment. Work with education providers to improve access to facilities and the player pathway.

Governance & management

Ensure fit for purpose Club Governance. Develop the skills and capacity of the community game workforce


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